Friday, October 9, 2009

A well deserved plug

I did not populate my Lightuino LED board with excessive LEDs. In retrospect, that is kind of ironic. But the board is made for you to put the light where YOU want it to go :-).

In particular I left off the TX and RX LEDs so you can't tell if it's downloading the sketch. But it does have power and the pin 13 LED. So... I decided to hack the bootloader to blink the pin 13 LED as the sketch comes down. Well guess what! Its already been done! And it worked flawlessly, without me even having to do a compile.

Thank you LadyAda and Brian! These are people who are building the community, not just selling knockoffs. So I say, if she stocks it here or he stocks it there then buy it from them!

[Disclamer: My only affiliation is as a satisfied customer of adafruit -- I use her USBtinyISP and the Boarduino]

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